New Destinations

New Destinations

Summer means travel. Travel means food. Yes, please.

For most of us, it’s usually a weekend trip to the beach for nothing more than beer, surf and sand, a destination wedding to roast and toast friends, or a road trip to a national park for hiking, biking and boating.

But every so often, dates, destinations and budgets align and you get to plan the big one – beach hopping in Turkey, hiking the Milford Track in New Zealand, riding horseback in Outer Mongolia.

The short trips clear your head, help you relax and hit the reset button. The long ones change the paradigm, give perspective and expose you to new food, new people and new cultures.

Can’t get it together for the “big one” this year? We’ve got just the ticket. At Spice Trail Snacks we’re adding two new destinations; two new stamps in our Passport. Say hello to Marrakesh Crunch and Kingston Crunch.

Kingston Crunch is the beach in snack form. Picture yourself at a jerk hut and taste the coconut, lime, honey, and a pinch of scotch bonnet pepper to mimic the hot sun on your back. You’ll be saying “one love” in no time, even if you’re stuck on the couch. Try it straight from the bag or sprinkle it over chilled corn soup.

Marrakesh Crunch is for the explorer. Imagine you’re in the bazaar discovering new sights and flavors. Earthy raas el hanout, zesty lemon and ginger, with harissa, to remind you of that dry desert heat. Each bite will leave you asking for more. Eat it plain, or put it over grilled peaches with yogurt. Flights are boarding and you don’t even need to pack your bag; just head here to buy your ticket.


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