No need to knock, door’s open

No need to knock, door’s open

You tend to welcome friends into your home with food, right? Well, since this is the inaugural Spice Trail Snacks blog post, where we welcome you, and you’re our new friend, we too will welcome you with food. More specifically, cheese. And who doesn’t love cheese?

Now, Spice Trail Snacks are great out of the bag, and we’re known to keep the minis stashed in every bag we own, at all times, but do you know what else they’re great with? That’s right, cheese.

We plated up a beautiful cheese board by varying the flavors, colors and textures of the cheeses themselves. We also took source into account, using some goat, some cow and some sheep; after all, variety is the (ahem) spice of life.

We added grapes to our plate. Not only do they provide a visual contrast, but we love the way their tartness cuts through the fat of the cheese and, well, they’re cousins with our best friend wine, so…

And finally, we come back to Spice Trail Snacks. While we’ve always loved a spiced nut mix, or salty pretzel mix, we now think Spice Trail Snacks is the perfect addition to the cheese board. Whether Bombay Crunch or Memphis Crunch, Spice Trail Snacks clusters add a flavor boost and intrigue to the old cheese and cracker.

As the holidays approach, and you open your home to neighbors, friends and family, we think you’ll find that a killer cheese plate goes a long way.

We’d love to see pictures of how you add Spice Trail Snacks to your cheeseboard; tag us in Instagram and FB @spicetrailsnacks.

Oh, and welcome, please do stay a while! Coats on the bed in back.


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