So is Spice Trail a granola or not?

Spice Trail Snacks are granola in form, but they're unlike any granola out there. This isn't your same old sweet breakfast. Spice Trail Snacks are organic grain-based (oats, amaranth, millet and flax), and they're topped off with nuts, seeds and fruits, like a traditional granola, but they're infused with spicy savory flavors from destinations around the world. This is all day food, not just breakfast.

How do we eat it?

By the fistful! Or try:

  • Over yogurt
  • On a cheese board
  • Sprinkled on avocado or hummus toast
  • Straight up aside a cold craft beer
  • Drizzled over salad like croutons
  • Floating atop soup
  • Straight from the pack on the F train
  • For crunch on top of baked brie
  • As a breading on chicken or fish
  • Over ice cream
  • Atop grilled fruit
  • Speckled over a plate of tomato and mozzarella or grilled veggies

What's in it?

Nutrient-dense real ingredients that you can pronounce. Honey Sweetened . Zero preservatives. Organic oats, millet, amaranth and flax. Each flavor is based on food from around the world, and we've stayed true to ingredients from those destinations.

Is it too spicy?

We think there's life beyond just sweet and salty and we strive to get the perfect balance of flavors in each bite. This isn't our chance to set your mouth on fire, but it is our chance to introduce you to new flavors, to global cuisine, and to remind you of that trip you took all those years ago - with a bit of heat.

Do your snacks contain allergens?

To make our snacks nutrient dense, and to help fuel your day on the trail, wherever it takes you, we have added nuts to many of our flavors. Cashews in Bombay Crunch and coconut in Kingston Crunch. Please check our nutrition labels for more detailed allergen information.

Where can I buy it?

Why, right here


What about Free Shipping? 

Shipping for orders over $30.00 is free, So the more you order the better the deal.